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To be a market driven company that is a preferred service provider in the branding and events management industry within its area of operation guided by adherence to accountability, client centric culture, respect and trust.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Hilstreet a new force in marketing campaigns and commercial branding in a quick and easy way for our clients by bringing convenience and seamless delivery to our clients as each need arises. As a company we believe in making a difference and leaving lasting impressions.


We stand for value for money and quality. Our customer-centric approach is underpinned by a set of values that are ingrained in us.

These are:

  • To provide our customers with services and products of the highest quality that meet agreed specifications and deadlines through fully understanding their needs and our capability to meet them.

  • To minimize all forms of loss and wastage through planned and systematic control of all our activities, resulting in increased benefits for all stakeholders.

  • Strive to satisfy and delight our clients as the most important stakeholders in our business.

  • To develop individual skills, self-discipline and a true sense of self – worth of all team members. Our success is dependent upon the collective energy and intelligence of our team members.

  • Creating ongoing winning partnerships, with suppliers being our allies in serving the interests of our clients.

  • The products and services provided by Hilstreet (Pty) Ltd are based on a concept of reliability, quality, and value for money. Our values stem from respect and integrity, superior service, customer satisfaction, ethics, and discipline.

  • Hilstreet (Pty) Ltd is a black-owned entity which aims at introducing strategies and practices that will ensure the gender and racial profile of the company is balanced and represented. Hilstreet (Pty) Ltd will support South African businesses and encourage these companies to do the same while being cognizant to procure from those compliant with the BBBEE codes of good practice.


  • To achieve and maintain a high degree of customer confidence and satisfaction by continuous upgrade as per market trends, service performance and prompt attention to customer needs

  • To develop a sound marketing strategy with cost-effective solutions

  • To generate adequate internal resources to finance the company’s investment plans, working capital needs and build its reserves for future growth

  • To continuously enhance the quality of service

  • To seek, promote and foster excellence amongst the team and improve productivity.

  • To allocate resources and to strive to reduce the cost per unit of different services

  • To actively seek expansion of the company’s operation